William Vanderbrook

D.C. | Chiropractor Physician

​Specialties: Sports Medicine, Accident Injuries, Chiropractic care


Dr. William Vanderbrook is proud to practice medicine in his home state of Florida. Born in Miami, he studied at the University of South Florida and Regents College. Dr. Vanderbrook continued to Life University where he received his chiropractic degree in 2000. With over fifteen years of practicing in Boca Raton, Florida, he specializes in blending the most modern medical techniques with other alternative methods for optimal health and wellness of his patients. Dr. Vanderbrook and his team collaborate bringing his patients healthcare services ranging from orthopedics and chiropractics to physical therapy and massage.


In his patient-centered approach to health and wellness, Dr. Vanderbrook understands the importance of every aspect of one’s health. Both he and his staff care for each patient as an individual, focusing on that particular person, lifestyle, and condition creating the most effective method of treatment for optimal health.


Dr. Vanderbrook envisions the innovative practice of Modern Medicine to grow. In the near future, his dream is to have various Modern Medicine locations both in Florida and beyond.

If you have questions for Dr. Vanderbrook or his team, please contact us.