Pain Management

Sometimes in our lives, we develop pain problems due to car accidents or problems with muscles
and tissues. Using prescription narcotics to manage pain can lead to serious side effects including
tolerance and addiction. Instead of opting for narcotic painkillers, it is better to explore options or alleviating pain without the use of drugs.

Class IV Laser

In this method, a non-invasive laser is used on the affected area. The energy from the laser induces a reaction in damaged or dysfunctional tissue that may be causing pain. In addition to eliminating pain from the area, it also helps in the reduction of inflammation and stiffness.

Shockwave Therapy

This is a non-invasive therapy that employs sound waves through a device on the affected areas. Using
this method can bring down inflammation, increase mobility, and diminish or eliminate pain altogether. This treatment particularly helps tendon-related pain.

Spinal Decompression

This method stretches the spine, using a traction table or other tools that work in the same way. In using these tools, the patient’s pain in the back and legs is reduced. It also can help repair disc problems and ameliorates spinal health.

Chiropractic Adjustments

This is a well-known treatment for pain. The chiropractor utilizes various pressures, speeds and forces on the affected parts of the neck and back. Through this spinal manipulation, back serious neck and back pain become less. In addition, it also promotes a proper alignment of the spine.

While painkillers can bring about quick and easy relief for pain, they do not actually treat the problem causing the pain. These methods work without the risk and potentially dangerous side effects that come with painkillers. Pain can debilitate and individual, and make it difficult to function in daily life; however, it can be managed or eliminated at best using these methods. The possibility of these methods actually solving the problems causing the pain is worth giving them a try. These methods can be found available for patients at physical rehabilitation centers. The physical rehabilitation centers have a reliable staff who knows how to optimize the benefits of these treatments to fully help the patient in the best way possible.

The improvements to the body using these methods can be long-term if the proper treatment is administered and maintained. The relief that comes from these methods of treatment is invaluable. The
idea that one can reduce or even stop pain can be very liberating. It brings about the possibility of a pain-free life!

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