Modern Medicine’s team understands that optimal health and wellness is a balance and so should your treatment. Dr. Vanderbrook and his team of healthcare professionals help patients improve health through a unique, personalized combination of medical science as well as wellness practices. The end goal is to help patients feel better, improve total health, and maintain that health and wellness.

Modern Medicine’s wellness suite of services includes:


Anti-aging Therapy

Look younger, reduce the signs of age, sun, and stress, and refresh your look


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Control hot flashes and night sweats, reduce anxiety and stress, and regain a more normal pre-menopausal life


Medical Weight Loss

Improve your quality of life, reduce weight without surgery, and witness improvement in chronic healthcare conditions


Nutrition and Vitamin IV

Prevent illness, improve total health, and increase energy

Optimal health and wellness is a combination of physical, mental, and emotional components. Dr. Vanderbrook and his team care for patients with an approach that leverages that balance. While implementing treatments and follow up care that complement the patient’s needs, condition, and lifestyle, Modern Medicine will help you benefit from improved health and wellness.


Improve your

quality of life


Reduce anxiety

and stress


Look younger

and feel better

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