Proper Nutrition

Everyone knows that eating the right foods will help with weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy weight. What most individuals do not consider, however, is that vitamins and proper nutrition can do so much more for the body. The right nutrition and vitamins can alleviate stress, improve overall health, bring energy levels up, and aid the immune system in preventing illnesses.

Iron and Vitamin C

Iron exists in the cells of the body. Iron helps to make up the hemoglobin protein which brings oxygen to the body. Iron helps muscles keep and utilize oxygen.Taking vitamin C with iron helps the body to better absorb the iron. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps the body create and preserve connective tissue such as blood vessels, bones, and skin.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is an antioxidant which helps protect the cells in the body. Used on the skin it can help diminish the appearance of scars. It can be found in many foods such as vegetable oil, greens, nuts and seeds. It also helps improve the immune system so it can fight off bacteria, viruses, and infections.

Magnesium and Calcium

Working together, these nutrients can promote bone and joint health. In addition, magnesium can help the body get rid of toxins. Magnesium is easy to obtain through foods like leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, avocados, salmon, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds. Calcium can be found in dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheeses. Zinc also helps the body to eliminate toxins. Proper consumption of zinc is critical to maintain the levels of zinc in the body. It improves the strength of the immune system. In addition, the human body requires zinc to help make proteins and create DNA. Meat, seafood, nuts, beans, yogurt and cheese all are good sources of zinc.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is essential to having adequate energy in the body. A vitamin B complex will help the consumer to turn food into energy that will last the whole day. Vitamin B12 will give the consumer a quick boost of energy. B vitamins will also help reduce stress and anxiety because they play an important role in the health of the central nervous system. Leafy greens, fruits, salmon, root vegetables, and red meat are simple ways to obtain vitamin B.

A wellness program like the one at Modern Medicine will enforce proper nutrition and administer vitamin IV’s. The staff at Modern Medicine is very knowledgeable in combining the correct vitamins necessary to improve energy levels, boost the immune system, and raise the overall level of health. Employing Modern Medicine to help improve the levels of health for the body is an easy choice.

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