Anti-aging Therapy

Once thought to be a myth, science has now proven that anti-aging therapies can work to extend the lifespan of a person by decades, and to improve the performance of the body’s functional systems. Creating a longer and healthier life for patients is paramount in anti-aging therapies, and in part that addresses reduction of pain, improved movement, improved fitness, metabolic balance, and restoration of cell health.

What Is Anti-Aging Therapy?

The term anti-aging therapy is general, but applies to the concept of reducing a patient’s age related illnesses and disorders, while extended the patient’s quality of life. The common hormonal and systems impacts that lead to aging typically start in the body at age thirty, so the sooner an anti-aging therapist can reverse the damage to the cells and processes in the body, the easier it is for a patient to recover and avoid the long-term health impacts of aging.

The Benefits of Anti-Aging Therapy

While anti-aging may make some people think of an infinite life span, the goal of anti-aging therapy is simply to make life more healthy and enjoyable for patients. An increased life span of some years can be achieved, but the goal is to make what years there are as productive and pleasant as possible. Since the majority of older Americans are afflicted with at least one disease that impacts quality of life, including diabetes, arthritis, stroke or heart disease, using anti-aging therapy to stop or reduce the impacts of these issues can be a great boon to society and the individual.

How Does Anti-Aging Therapy Work?

Using proven, natural therapies that help the body regenerate its own functions and cells, the anti-aging therapist will examine the patient for free radical damage, cellular decay, and age related diseases that can be pushed back or eliminated with modern anti-aging therapy. In particular, therapists will prescribe a variety of supplements and medications to help the patient experience a longer life free of age related issues. The antioxidants and vitamins which the practitioner will design specifically for the patient help provide a base of treatment. Then additional therapies like detoxification, hormonal treatments and a focus on mental health and wellness will be added to the patient’s prescribed treatment plan. There are additional promising developments in the field of cell regeneration, including scientific studies that have lengthened the lifespan of mice up to twenty four percent, and which gave the mice extremely good quality of life throughout the lengthened life span. Modified carrier viruses are inserted into the patient’s body where they set about repairing DNA and produces proteins that slow the aging process considerably. The FDA has already approved some of the anti-aging treatments associated with this new field of study.

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